RM of Pense


Are you a farmer or rancher with marginal or ecologically sensative land? The ALUS-WUQWATR Program is seeking new participants in their watershed. The ALUS program can help you establish wetlands, native prairie, pollinator habitat, and other environmental stewardship projects on your land. Even better, ALUS pays you annually to keep these projects in prime working order. Your ALUS projects can help produce cleaner air, cleaner water, and more biodiversity, benifitting both your farm and your community. Across Canada, more than 750 producers have laready enrolled over 23,000 acres in the ALUS program. For more information, contact 306-552-3560 or ALUS@wuqwatr.ca. 

For more information on other WUQWATR programs and partnerships, please visit their website at http://wuqwatr.ca/programs-services/agri-environmental-technical-services/.