RM of Pense

New Firehall Construction

The Pense District Volunteer Fire Department is 100% volunteer and they are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and ready to lend assistance to the residents, business partners and commuting traffic. Over the last five years, they have become a fully functioning and active department. 

The R.M. of Pense covers 840 kmwhich includes a very busy 26 kms stretch of Highway 1 commuting traffic. In 2019, the department responded to 44 highway rescue, grassfire, structure fire and first response calls. Pense District Volunteer Fire Department is solely responsible for providing fire and rescue to our area. 

The department receives an operational budget from the R.M. and Town of Pense, and it is through these funds and generous donations that the necessary equipment has been acquired over the past few years. In order to provide the high level of service to everyone living, working and travelling though our area, the department is now in need of  a new firehall to house the equipment essential to fire and rescue response and to provide a training space for the volunteers. The property for the firehall has been purchased and plans have been drawn up. We look forward to starting construction in the spring of 2021.