RM of Pense


Keystown and Stony Beach Water

The R.M. manages the water supply pipelines of potable water connected to the City of Regina/Buffalo Pound water system for the hamlets of Keystown and Stony Beach.

The R.M. is required to hold permits to operate these waterworks as well as employ a certified and licensed water utility operator.

Keystown Water Reports:



Stony Beach Water Reports:



Water Tank Fill Station

A water tank fill station (pumphouse) is located in the Town of Pense at the corner of Ontario and Assiniboia Streets.

The Town of Pense owns the station and the R.M. manages the loading facilities and meter/timer. In the past, this station accepted tokens, toonies and loonies. We have now changed to an electronic key fob system. Anyone wishing to purchase water from the station will have to come to the R.M. office to get an account set up. Key fobs are available for a $30 deposit. Please call the office for more information.

A similar water tank fill station is located within the Village of Belle Plaine and is managed by the Village of Belle Plaine.

Water Pipelines

A number of privately owned and operated water pipelines are located within the R.M. of Pense. The following water pipelines are managed by water co-operatives/associations and are shown on our municipal map:

  • BDP Water Co-operative (Belle Plaine area)
  • Cottonwood Water Users Inc. (NE part of R.M.)
  • Eastview Water Users Co-operative (SW part of R.M.)
  • Pattee Water Pipeline Inc. (E part of R.M.)
  • Wascana Water Co-operative Ltd. (NE part of R.M.)

The water pipelines connect to the City of Regina/Buffalo Pound water system.