RM of Pense



Primary weight permits are free of charge to ratepayers with “F plates”. All other primary, overweight and over-dimensional permits will be charged the following fees:

    • $50 – single trip
    • $300 – annual permit
    • $500 – maximum for fleet of 10 or more (single trip)
    • $3000 – maximum for fleet of 10 or more per registered owner (annual permit) 

 Road Permit Application

Road Maintenance Agreements

The R.M. requires anyone hauling gravel, sand, earth, topsoil, etc. to enter into a road maintenance agreement prior to the start of the haul. The road haul fees are to be paid at the completion of the haul at the following rates:

  • Summer rate (March 16 – November 14) 10.2479¢ per cubic yard mile or 5.22¢ per tonne kilometer
  • Winter rate (November 15 – March 15) 5.1239¢ per cubic yard mile or 2.61¢ per tonne kilometer

Please contact the office to discuss the haul route and possible dust control requirements.

Snow Plow Club 

To assist the municipal road crew with snow removal on a timely basis a number of snow plow clubs have been formed.  The R.M. pays a “rate per mile” to the snow plow clubs to aid with capital costs, gas, etc.

An application form and map is available through the municipal office if anyone is interested in starting a snow plow club.  Acceptable snow removal equipment is a rotary blower. 

The club and operators are covered for liability insurance through the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM) if the snow removal vehicle is equipped with one or more amber beacons that emit a light that is visible from 125 metres on a clear night.


Snow Removal

Snow removal from municipal roads is done in the following order of priority:

  • Primary Grid roads (641 & 642);
  • School bus routes;
  • Grid roads;
  • Industrial area.

We try and have all roads cleared within two days of a storm. Road crews work only when it is safe to do so, usually once the weather has cleared. The municipality does not have the resources to provide snow removal on privately owned property.

As per Bylaw No. 13-2013, the practice of plowing snow onto or across municipal right-of-ways is not a permitted practice. This can cause a serious safety issue for motorists and result in potential liability costs for the party who placed the materials on a municipal right-of-way. 

Individuals in contravention will have the snow removed from the roadway by municipal crews and all expenses incurred shall be borne solely by the responsible party.