RM of Pense

Office Services

Office Services 

All costs of services include the applicable taxes. 


Building Permits – see Planning & Development page

Commissioner of Oath Service – Provided at no charge during office hours

Development Permits – See Planning & Development page

Direct Sellers License – $25.00 per year

Documents – $10.00 per document; copies of municipal contracts, reports etc. and Council minutes $50.00 per month

Fax Service

Photo Copying – $0.20 per copy, $0.10 per copy if paper supplied

Primary Weight Permits – see Roads page

R.M. maps – see Maps page

Road Maintenance Agreements – See Roads page

Tax certificates – $10.00 each (for up to four parcels of land)

Tax Information for Mortgages – same as for Tax certificates

Zoning Bylaw, Official Community Plan (OCP) – paper version – $25.00


Please contact the office for more information.