RM of Pense


Municipal Maps

Municipal maps are available to the general public at a cost of $11.00 each if picked up or $14.00 each if mailed out. This includes GST, PST and shipping and handling.

Our most recent map is dated October 19, 2023.

R.M. ratepayers are entitled to one free municipal map every 4 years.

An electronic version is found under the ABOUT drop down list, or in the upper right corner of the website.

In honour of the R.M.’s centennial year, a map was compiled with every owner of every quarter since the dominion land grants were issued. This was a huge undertaking, requiring fourteen months of research. The map is no longer available for purchase, but can be viewed at the office.

For more information on Saskatchewan’s grid system, click the link below: 

ISC – Land Descriptions and Where They Come From

Zoning Maps

RM Of Pense No 160 Map 2A Utilities Power And Gas

RM Of Pense No 160 Map 2B Utilities Water Lines

RM Of Pense No 160 Zoning District Map (Detail Areas)

RM Of Pense No 160 Zoning District Map