RM of Pense


The R.M. of Pense Landfill currently operates as an unregulated bin site. All garbage is put in bins and then transferred to the Regina Landfill. Note the landfill is for ratepayers residing in the R.M. only.

The garbage bin site is gated and manned. The Site Supervisor will inspect each load and direct ratepayers to the correct disposal area (metal bin, garbage bins and/or recycling bins).

The following items are NOT allowed in the garbage bins: asphalt shingles, cement, chemical containers, dead animals, electronics, grain, hazardous waste, all house demolition, liquid domestic sewage, new house construction garbage, petroleum by-products, propane tanks, railway ties, recyclable materials, refrigeration units, tires, tree branches, vehicles, and wire of any description.

Our site is not intended to accommodate large quantities of new house, condo, etc. construction garbage. This type of garbage will not be allowed. The Regina or Moose Jaw landfills are open longer hours to better accommodate these needs. Loraas bins are a good option as well.



There is no need to sort recyclables as all materials get placed in one bin. Please ensure that all recyclable materials are rinsed and have the lids removed.

Recyclable materials include: plastics the recyclable symbol containing the numbers 1-7; aluminum food cans, foil and foil containers; glass bottles and jars; and cardboard, tetra paks and paper.



The land location of the landfill is SE 11-18-23 W2. From Pense, head North 4½ miles, West 3 miles and North 1 mile.


Hours of Operation 

Wednesdays   12 noon – 4 p.m.

Saturdays        10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

The landfill will only be closed if it lands on a stat holiday or due to bad weather.

2022 02 Landfill Bad Weather Policy Policy #2022 02