RM of Pense

Emergency Services

Pense District Volunteer Fire Department

The R.M. of Pense and the Town of Pense share the costs (50/50) of establishing, maintaining and operating the voluntary fire fighting organization.  The new firehall is located at 201 Ontario Street.    

Fire Fighting Service Costs

Property owners are responsible for paying the cost of fighting fires on their property.  Please review your fire insurance policy, especially your deductible, to ensure it meets your needs.

Effective July 1, 2019, the response fees for the PDVFD are:

– 1st Pumper fire truck $1,200 for the first hour and $650 for every hour after

– 2nd Pumper fire truck $750 per hour

– Tanker $650 per hour

– Quick response vehicle $1,200 for the first hour and $650 for every hour after

– Support vehicle $100 per hour

– Refill of breathing apparatus tanks and foam will be billed out as cost recovery

– One hour minimum will be applied

– Time shall be calculated from the time a unit leaves the Pense Firehall until it returns. Any time lost through malfunction of firefighting equipment shall be deducted

– Third party department – as per the cost as invoiced by the third party

Reporting Controlled Burns

See Controlled Burns.



Protective Services are provided by the White Butte RCMP Detachment. They are located at 58 Great Plains Road, Emerald Park, SK.

In an emergency, call 911.