RM of Pense

Dust Control

The R.M. of Pense offers property owners the option of having dust control applied on the municipal road adjacent to their yardsite. The R.M. subsidizes this cost by approximately 1/2 (actual cost is double). Ratepayers wishing to have this product applied must submit an annual application prior to April 30th.

The dust control product that the R.M. uses is Magnesium Chloride. It is hygroscopic, which means it attracts moisture. The magnesium chloride draws moisture from the air to keep the dust from the gravel moist. You will notice that after the rain the area of application is revived. The product forms a bond to the gravel surface and helps maintain the road’s integrity. Yearly application produces a cumulative effect. The product is more effective when applied annually.

After the dust control is applied, the road crew does little or no blading of that section of the road until the fall. This helps to keep the product working at its best. You can prolong the effectiveness of the magnesium chloride by periodically applying water to that section of the road.

Dust control may be required as part of a Road Maintenance Agreement between the R.M. of Pense and Heavy Haulers.