RM of Pense

Animal, Pest & Weed Control

Animal Control

Please ensure your animals are kept on your property and properly cared for. The R.M. prohibits dogs running at large. See Bylaws.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the office or click on the following:

Animal Cruelty Reporting

Animal Control

Pest Control

The R.M. appoints and hires a Pest Control Officer (PCO) each year to keep rat, mouse and gopher infestations in check. The PCO is responsible for identifying pest infested sites, setting up bait stations, monitoring these sites, and educating the ratepayers on identifying pest infestation, eradication and control measures. The current PCO is Grant Peeling of Moose Jaw. He can be reached at 306-694-8485.


A supply of mouse and rat control products are kept at the R.M. office. Ratepayers may pick up these products from the office, free of charge.


Gopher poison must be pre-ordered and paid for, at cost. The R.M. has held a gopher poison distribution day since 2008. If you would like to order, complete and submit the form below to the R.M. office by March 15th each year. We have held a distribution day in early spring to ensure timely pick up of gopher poison and the chance to speak with our PCO.

Gopher Poison Order Form PDF


Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership – SARM | Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities


The R.M. owns a skunk trap which is available for use by ratepayers. 


Weed Control

Our weed inspector is Marksmen Vegetation Management. They identify areas in the municipality infested with noxious weeds.  They treat municipal right of ways with herbicide and provide weed notices to property owners whose land contains noxious weeds.  Land owners are required to control noxious weeds on their property. They can be contacted at 306-585-8008.