RM of Pense

Building Permit

Building Permit

The R.M. contracts it’s building inspection services to MuniCode Services Ltd., Warman, Saskatchewan; Phone: (306) 955-6355.

Buildings over 100 square feet are required to have a valid building permit. Buildings that are exempt from this requirement are: Agricultural out buildings including granaries, sheds, barns, etc.

A building permit application (which includes a set of building plans) must be submitted to the R.M. for approval prior to the commencement of any building.

Building permit fees are calculated on:

  1. Plan reviews
  2. Number of inspections required. 

On the building permit application, Value of Construction means: the total cost of the building to the owner in its completed form and includes the cost of all building work, materials of construction, building systems, labor, overhead and profit of the contractor and subcontractors. The cost of labor and used material are deemed to be the current market cost of new material and labor.

There are new Energy Compliance regulations for 2019. Please use the Required Forms for Energy Compliance Checklist to see which forms you will be required to submit with your Building Permit Application. These forms will not be required for the renovation, repair, alteration or relocation of a building the was constructed before January 1, 2019. Construction of garages do not require the energy compliance forms.